Thursday, 25 October 2012

About the Training “CREA(C)TION”

The Training Course “CREA(C)TION” was an opportunity for youth leaders and workers, NGO members and volunteers, activists to learn skills and methods, change attitudes in the field of online active participation as well as community organizing and last but not least, to take part in the creation and hosting social media blogs.

During the course the participants have acquired the necessary and specific technical knowledge in the field of media literacy with a special emphasis on online blogging and community organizing, and parallel to these, through modules developed on the theme of active participation they have practiced how to successfully get involved in the life of their community and to design and implement online advocacy actions as well as campaigns.
Moreover, the Training Course has contributed to establish a lasting partnership with other young persons and representatives of organizations that work with young people around Europe, providing space for project planning between organizations.

It was an opportunity within the non formal education frame to self-develop new competences, to better understand the role of the internet and media in the field of active participation, to address new interests for the participating  organizations, and to become aware of the importance and values of the  diversity and solidarity as well as critical thinking and communication. The training has also raised awareness and build skills in the field of community organizing, online activism and active involvement.

 The training has been implemented and financial support has been received within the framework of the Youth in Action Program.


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